Pelotonia 180 mi and 135 mi Day 2


Race series: Pelotonia
Columbus, Ohio, United States
6 Aug 2017
  • Race
  • Bike box white 97f376ea4277c4e57c511e7e0a69998aedd08f2b91a816c1b9bf135a6ca68fb0
  • 78mi
  • Course nutrition 3d99fb466e6ac49132e1507e479e3c27a3ce0e81343e4b2a2c3285f1ea1f66ef


Nutrition products

Product Brand Flavors Link
Water Natural Crisp and Clean
Endurance Formula Gatorade Lemon Lime View
Pepsi Pepsi Cola Cola View
Clif Bar (Half) Clif Bar Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch View
Bloks Energy Chews Clif Bar Strawberry View

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