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Q: Can I use CORE for training?

A: Absolutely. This is a premium feature but you can select different types of training.

Q: Why are there so many choices under Event / Activity Goal?

A: Racing for a personal best is certainly one of the most common race goals. Not everyone races to set a personal best, for many making it safely to the finish line is the main goal. Also athletes may use CORE to plan their nutrition for training and this it is important to consider the different training goals one might have, such as training the gut, training fat burning (train low), avoiding GI issues, or other goals.

Q: Why can’t I change units for event temperature and distances?

A: The units used for events are currently set by the events. So for example if you select Boston Marathon as your event, this is an event in miles (the organisation communicates aid station information in miles). If you select a European race you may find that the main units are kilometers. We are considering adding the feature to allow user to toggle units for events.

Q: My favorite event isn’t available?

A: We are just launching the product now and hope to rapidly expand the set of events included. Send an email at