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Q: Why do you want to know my weight?

A: It’s very important to accurately know body weight so the tool can calculate acceptable sweat losses for the athlete and calculate your fluid intake targets that will optimise performance and prevents drinking too much as well as drinking too little.

Q: Why do you want to know if I’m restricting carbs or trying to lose weight?

A: Just like you can train muscles or aerobic capacity, you can train your gut. On the other hand, diet’s low in carbohydrates are associated with lower ability to process carbs. If you’re restricting carbs or trying to lose weight, your carbohydrate target will need to be adjusted.

Q: How does training with carbohydrate impact planning?

A: If you regularly train with carbohydrate, your gut is trained to handle full targets. Conversely, if you rarely train with carbs, it wouldn’t be prudent to start you off with full carbohydrate targets. CORE will adjust targets appropriately.

Q: I’m really not sure of my sweat rate

A: If you are uncertain of your sweat rate, please try to characterize your sweating as above average, average, or below average. Based on this classification, we’ll use a population average sweat rate to get started with your first plan. In parallel, we’d encourage you to confirm try measuring your sweat rate. We will shortly have tool to assist in this effort. In the interim, simply search internet for “sweat rate calculator” and you’ll find multiple good options or check our blog.

Q: How do I know if I’m sensitive to caffeine?

A: Research shows that people have a genetic predisposition to be sensitive to caffeine. It is possible to do a genetics test but people who are sensitive generally know well. If you drink a cup of coffee and will be up all night you are sensitive to coffee. If you’ve never used caffeine, the safe choice is to indicate sensitive. In any case, you have the final choice to include or not include caffeine in your nutrition plan. CORE will not automatically select caffeinated products for you. If you wish to use these, you will have to add these yourself.