What CORE can do for you

  • Avoid hitting the wall

    No athlete wants to fatigue early. Running out of fuel is usually preventable. CORE will guide you, based on your individual needs.
  • Better performance

    A professional nutrition plan will help you to perform better by fueling you based on the latest science.
  • Avoid dehydration

    Dehydration can affect performance and adequate fluid intake is important. Everyone sweats differently and therefore fluid intake recommendations are different for everyone.
  • Avoid overhydration

    Dehydration can be a problem, but overhydration can be even more dangerous. CORE will guide you to make sure you drink enough, but not too much.
  • Removes guess work

    With a CORE plan you can rest assured that your nutrition is safe and successful. CORE helps you to plan in advance, so you don't need to worry the days before a race. You know your plan works!
  • Minimizes GI issues

    Gastro-intestinal (GI) issues are very common and often nutrition related. They are often preventable and a good plan can reduce the risk considerably.