Key features

  • Plan your nutrition

    Let CORE build a nutrition plan for your next big race or training. Answer a few questions about your goals and event. Receive a detailed evidence based plan.
  • Training and competition

    CORE is not just for racing. It is designed to support your training. Plans are tailored to your goals: training hard, burning fat, or avoiding GI problems.
  • Analyze and improve

    Analyze your nutrition. Find out what works best for you. Keep refining your nutrition plans and learn how nutrition improves your performance.
  • Personalized

    A CORE nutrition plan takes into account your physiology, your preferences and tolerances, information about your training or race and the weather.
  • Race nutrition info

    CORE partners with races globally and builds your plan based on what is available on course in addition to the products you take with you.
  • Find products

    Use your favorite drinks, gels, and bars. Quickly find the product with the right composition, ingredients, and flavors. Choose from hundreds of products.